Nebraska Public Power District approves net-zero carbon by 2050 Goal

With the adoption of this policy, NPPD joins Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) and Lincoln Electric System (LES), Nebraska’s other two major electric utilities, who have already committed to decarbonization.

Support 100% Clean Energy for Nebraska

NPPD currently receives less than 15% of its electricity from clean energy sources, yet Nebraska is ranked as one of the top states in clean energy potential. Sign the petition asking to transition to a clean energy future!

Sign the Petition: Protect Mead, Nebraska

A few years ago, AltEn, an ethanol plant, opened in Mead, Nebraska. This plant has been causing several environmental and health concerns to the surrounding area. Sign the petition to help Mead residents.

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Nebraska has vast water resources. Unfortunately, across the state, our water quality is unsafe. Sign the petition to tell the Nebraska State Legislature to protect our drinking water.

Nebraska currently does not have a state-wide climate action plan. A  plan would help the state better prepare for extreme weather events. Sign the petition to tell your state senators to support a plan!

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