Nebraska Conservation Voters (NCV) protects our state’s natural legacy by educating voters, advocating for sound policies, and electing conservation champions.


NCV provides the public with objective, factual information about conservation politics in Nebraska.


NCV collaborates strategically with appointed and elected officials and partner organizations on rules, regulations and environmental legislation. We campaign for strong policies and ensure public officials hear from conservation constituents.


NCV supports conservation champions who will protect our environment for future generations.

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Our Staff

Eliot Bostar
Executive Director



Amanda Callaway

Program Manager



Chelsea Johnson
Deputy Director



Amanda Gangwish

Program Manager



Maggie Montoya 

Development and Outreach Director



Lindsey Bremer

Southeast Conservation Director

Eric Garcia

Central Conservation Director

Dakota Stock

Southeast Conservation Director

Eric Davis

Central Conservation Director

Michaela Mast

Northeast Conservation Director

Misty West

Northwest Conservation Director

Andrew Fujan

Southeast Conservation Director

Elysia Olguin

Southwest Conservation Director

Andrew Wright

Southeast Conservation Director

Our Board
Dale Gubbels
Board President



Mike McMeekin
Board Director



Eric Johnson

Board Treasurer



Sarah Hotovy
Board Director



Meg Mikolajczyk

Board Secretary



Brian O’Neal
Board Director



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